domingo, diciembre 26, 2010

Mis votos

The day we have found each other I feel like God move the whole universe so we can meet each other, also I am sure God was talking to my hearth days before, because I had the feeling that something important will happen. Yes I Know it could be funny and silly, perhaps luck, but for me and how I felt, it was mean to be that we were in the same park at the same time.

And As the water that was calm at peaceful the day that I meet you, I want to enter in your life. Let me be the lazy river when you sail the days that you feel a storm coming, I want to be the lake where you can rest when you need tranquility, Let me be the rain that cover and wash away all the sadness, I want to be the water storm that take away the pain, the rage, helplessness and negativity and be the drop of water that cover your hearth and make you feel warn, protected and at home, Let me be the sea where you bathe your joys, your dreams and desires.
My Azulito I going to be here for good and bad moments and with the blessing of good I want to spend the rest of my life with you, swimming in your blue eyes, enjoying laughing and building a future together, because I going to be next you as long as God allow me, walking side by side.

And as God as my witness be there for you any time you need me. I am giving my soul to you today and with the God blessing, I want this marriage to live forever.